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The Three Principles of Innate Health

"Paula's deep understanding and teaching of the three principles has been transformational for me. It has helped me to appreciate how my thinking is getting in the way of my joy of life. I now can see the simplicity of life and how precious each moment is. I feel like I have found the secrets of the universe and I am eternally grateful for Paula's insights." HB, Brighton

On the first page of Sydney Bank's book The Missing Link he sums up my views on healing. I do not limit anybody by their named diagnosis, and truly believe that anything is possible. "There are those in the world who believe miracles do not happy. I can assure such skeptics that they do. With hope and faith as beacons, anything can happen." (Sydney Banks, March 1998) My understanding of the Three Principles has totally enhanced and is the foundation of all the work that I do with families. It is the greatest gift that I can give to any clients. The word 'healing' means to make whole. Cure may not always be possible, but healing is always achievable. If any individuals experience of life is carefree and they do not suffer, then that in itself is healing. My goal is always to alleviate suffering, and I know that this is on offer with an understanding of the Three Principles of Innate Health.

“I have been attending Paula’s Three Principles trainings, both the four week introductory group session and also I have been having 1-1 consultations. I want to learn to live the life I desire and it has taken me all my life, living with stress and anxiety, only to find out that it was me doing this to myself all along. With Paula’s help and loving care she is helping me to see that I can turn around anything and that I am creating my own experience of life. Life really is whatever I think it is. Paula truly knows how to help anyone who is living through difficult times. She is just the most caring lady that I know with so many gifts. Thank you Paula.” AC, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

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