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About Paula Lattimer

I was very blessed to be introduced to homeopathy by my Mother when I was twelve years old. After many years of sore throats and endless rounds of antibiotics, and then a newly acquired hay fever, my Mother resorted (last resort!) to homeopathy. Forty years later, I still have not needed to see a GP since! Now if that’s not a testimony for homeopathy, then what is! It was many years later when one of my own children was born with chronic renal failure, with no offer of any solution from the western doctors, that I turned once again to homeopathy. Five years later I wanted to understand how homeopathy had worked. Miraculously after endless homeopathic remedies my child had not needed the planned dialysis and likely transplant. I decided to study homeopathy. This then became the direction of the rest of my life …… a lifetime’s education and a labour of love. I have now worked for fourteen years as a homeopath.

In September 2013 in an unusual act of spontaneity I signed up for a Three Principles of Innate Health facilitator training with Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs of The Insight Space. This moment of impulsivity proved to be a defining moment in my life, as I glimpsed how complicated I had made my own life. How moment by moment, with my own thinking, I had created a life based on reactivity and fire-fighting. I am now committed to sharing my understanding with others in order to facilitate a less stressful and more joyful experience of life. This road has not been smooth, but then maybe it was never meant to be that way. I read a quote this afternoon from Bob Dylan, “Look, we’re all going to die. We’re going to go off the face of this earth, and the world is going to go on without us. How seriously you take yourself in the light of that, you decide for yourself.” Not a bad philosophy for life. I now see that we live in the feeling of our thinking, not the feeling of circumstances.

It is with a sense of deep gratitude that I thank my Mother for introducing me to homeopathy and to this ‘road less travelled’. I am blessed to say that my work really is my passion, and my life’s quest is to share and support people to live abundant, joyful, peaceful lives – however insurmountable their life circumstances may seem….. to be happy anyway.

“In the quiet chambers of your mind lies the knowledge you seek, not in a complicated search, but only from a positive mind can you ever find the answer to this mystical puzzle.” Sydney Banks

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