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Nicholas Morrish, 10 years old. He has been placed on the autistic spectrum specifically suffering from Aspergers Syndrome. The overall feel from Nicholas was of blankness - of non response. He was grey, dull and listless, with the polarity of violent outbursts and a history of self harming. I prescribed a remedy called Scorpion and over a period of a year the prescription was repeated in higher potency. "It feels like a wound is healing. He's like a child who is absolutely blossoming, coming out of himself or growing into himself. The remedy has without doubt been very good for him." (Mother)

Nicholas was home educated when I first met him and he has now been able to return to mainstream school. Treatment is ongoing. He continues to progress. "Overall he's on the up and up. He's still improving and his ability to interact gets better everyday. He copes better with everything." (Mother)


Simon Jones, aged 7 years is severely autistic. Simon was developing normally in all aspects until the MMR vaccination at which point "everything slipped away". (Mother) His communiation skills are extremely poor and he is only able to speak in two word sentances. He communicates mainly through whining and becomes frustrated.

The most striking thing about Simon was the sheer pace at which he was functioning. The case was overflowing with mental and emotional symptoms, the main ones being: anxiety, monomania - fascination with toilets and with swinging motion, routine, rage, lack of empathy.

I have treated Simon for over a year during which time there has been significant improved in levels of anxiety and Simon now seems happy and relaxed within his autism. He now wants to communicate and is struggling to speak more. His eye contact took a huge leap forward at the beginning of treatment.

To date he has been treated with MMR potentised, Stramonium, Thuja and Tuberculinum. Progress is slow but steady. "His eye contact is much better. Now he will almost stares at us. Its like he's seeing his Mum and Dad for the first time. For the first time ever he will come to me spontaneously and say 'hello'. His speech is improving and he's singing ... He's trying very hard to communicate. He's more 'with us'.... Its like he swallowed a bottle of happy pills - he's balanced, calmer." (Mother)


Mark Foley, aged 82 year, had suffered a persistent cough since his wife died a year previous to treatment. The cough was very debilitating and made him very weak with 20-30 coughing spasms each day.

I prescribed Ignatia LM1 drops for Mark based on the major aetiology of grief plus other factors.

On returning 4 weeks later Mark's cough was 98% better. He also felt enormously better on an emotional level, "Much, much better. I can cope with life now. I could've died from a broken heart but I rather think I'm getting better."


Esther Mann, 40 weeks pregnant, induction threatened. I prescribed two remedies - Caulophyllum 200C at 11pm to be followed by Gelsemium 200C at 11.30pm.

"Just a quick note to say thank you. The remedies did work! I got the remedies from you last Monday and took them that evening. I started to have some period pains the next day by 3pm and my baby was born the following morning at 6.38am. It was a straight forward birth and I was discharged on the same day. We had a girl and she is lovely. I am so glad I didn't have to be induced this time. Thanks again for your help."


Jeffrey James, aged 2 years,presented with eczema on his scalp. It was itchy, bled and at times got infected. He was also an extremely fearful toddler and would shake in certain circumstances. His Mother could not leave him alone in a room. When asked to grade the severity of Jeffrey's symptoms (with 6 being the worst it could be) his Mother graded his fearfulness and his eczema as 4/6.

I prescribed Silica 30C constitutionally. Jeffrey's Mother cancelled his follow up consultation because his symptoms were all resolved with just one remedy. His Mother re contacted me 6 months later to say there had been a death in the family and Jeffrey's eczema had returned. Silica was re prescribed and there has been no further treatment necessary.


Liz James, aged 21 years had suffered a bout of food poisoning whilst travelling abroad. Two years later she now still had severe constipation with abdominal pain. She felt bloated and had terrible flatulence. She would not pass a stool for 4/5 days and then would have diarrhoea. She had many invasive medical tests to be told that there was nothing medically wrong and no treatment available.

I prescribed Carcinosin 1M for Liz and asked her to phone me in a weeks time. At this point there was no change in her symptoms. I then prescribed Morgan 200C, a remedy specifically targetting the bowel. Liz returned one month later and was now opening her bowels on a daily basis and had no abdominal pain.


Jane Brown, aged 31 years,had been trying to conceive a baby for a year. She had been on the contraceptive pill for 12 years and since stopping taking it had a 40 day cycle.

I treated Jane constitutionally with Carcinosin 30C plus prescribed a combination of tissue salts. Over the course of 5 months treatment Jane's menstrual cycle corrected itself to every 30 days and she became pregnant. She gave birth 9 months later to a beautiful 8lb 1oz baby girl.


Annemarie Simms, aged 47 years,suffered with terrible headaches which recurred frequently and lasted 3-4 days each time. At other times she had extreme nausea which linked with very loose stools, sometimes emptying her bowels 7/8 times each day. She was enormously stressed. "I feel all constricted. Everything is stiff. I just can't relax."

I prescribed Staphysagria LM1drops for Annemarie. When she returned a month later her head pain was completely gone; she had only suffered with nausea a few times and her diarrhoea had cleared completely. She was in the midst of moving house and said, "I feel remarkably good at a time of terrible stress." Four months later Annemarie's symptoms had all completely cleared.


Jerry Johnson, aged 26 years, presented with initial symptoms of diagnosed HSP which an inherited disorder characterized by progressive weakness and stiffness of the legs. There is no conventional treatment to prevent, slow or reverse HSP. Jerry's presenting symptoms were: stiffness in the legs and ankles, clumsiness, dragging the toes when walking. Jerry had suffered major traumas and grief in his life and had lost both in Mother and his Father. He had a very poor lifestyle - eating at erratic hours with a poor diet, binge drinking, smoking and was 6 stone overweight. His evergy was very low.

At this stage I prescribed Lathyrus Sativus 3X once per day and naturopathic advice was given. Jerry agreed to drink one litre of water a day and to cut out binge drinking alcohol (little and often being better than getting paraletic once a week).

This initial prescription made a small difference but nothing significant. At the next appointment I decided to treat constitutionally (ie treating the whole person including the mental and emotional symptoms). This time I prescribed Natrum Muriaticum LM drops. At the next appointment there had been considerable improvement on all levels: HSP symptoms enormously better, given up smoking "was just getting bored of it", stopped binge drinking, eating three good meals per day and lost a stone in weight.

Jerry came back for a monthly appointment for a year and then disappeared for 6 months during which time his mental and emotional symptoms returned although his HSP symptoms did not. He now comes for an appoinment every 4-5 months and uses homeopathy as a rudder to keep himself on course. He continues to be symptomless and is doing really well on all other levels.

IBS (See constipation)


Jan Symmonds, aged 41 years, had started with a cold 6 months previously. The cold deteriorated into inusitis for which she had three lots of antibiotics. She had two operations to remove infected polyps and was due another operation. She had been unable to work for three months. She suffered with constant headaches.

I prescribed Sepia LM3 drops and gave naturopathic advice to Jan. She returned one month later, I feel like a million dollars. My nose had dried up. I'm back to work full time and I feel bloody marvellous. I feel very different ... very positive." To date there has been no return of old symptoms.


Kathy Burke, aged 35 years, had suffered a paricularly bad cold 6 months ago. This had continued to recur every 6-8 weeks triggering severe sinus pain. She had a constant headache and pain in her face for the 5 weeks prior to her appointment and was on painkillers, sudafed nasal spray and Amoxycillin for her sinuses. At the first consultation Kathy graded her symptoms as follows (with 6 being the worst it coud be): headache 2/6 and sinusitis 6/6. She graded her general feeling of wellbeing as being 3/6 and said that her symptoms were making it impossible for her to be effective in work.

I prescribed Natrum Silicata homeopathic drops and saw Kathy again one month later. At each of the next two appointments Kathy's symptoms were gradually improving. By her fourth appointment Kathy graded her symptoms as follows: sinus congestion 0, headache 0, impact on working life 0, feeling of well being 1 (with 0 being best it could be). No drugs now being taken. "The drops are the best thing since sliced bread. I feel so calm and positive. I'm really pleased."

Kathy was treated constitutionally, meaning that she was treated as a whole person. Kathy therefore felt am improvement in symptoms she had not ultimately thought she was being treated for. Her period had always been enormously painful, she put up with constant spots on her face - both of these were corrected by the drops. Kathy who was two stone over weight even started to lose weight, about 1lb a week, with no diet change.

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