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CEASE Therapy and Autistic Spectrum Conditions #01


"The birth of a healthy child is a miracle; keeping a child healthy is an art."
Tinus Smits, MD

CEASE Therapy is one of many tools in the kitbag of the homeopath. Whist originally created for the treatment of autism and autistic spectrum conditions, CEASE therapy can actually be used successfully to treat many modern diseases, which arise as a result of cumulative toxic onslaughts. Autism and autistic spectrum conditions are obviously just one of the increasing numbers of modern diseases which are either resistant to western medicine or classified as untreatable by western doctors. Autistic spectrum conditions includes Aspergers, ADHD, ADD, ODD, PDD, SPD, tourettes etc. The patient with an autistic spectrum condition is not able to detoxify toxins, medicines, vaccinations, an unhealthy environment or bad food. The body is not able to nurture and protect itself in an effective way.

The testimonials throughout this website say more than anything I can say about the effectiveness of CEASE therapy when combined with classical homeopathy for the treatment of ASCs. For a full description of the science of CEASE therapy see

"Possibly being the biggest skeptic on earth, I embarked on our journey of CEASE therapy and I have to say WOW!!! What AMAZING RESULTS. I noticed changes in my boys (twins) in just 2 weeks of commencing therapy. It was like they noticed the world for the first time. It was like they noticed us (their family) for the first time. There was a great improvement in their awareness of their environment as well as other people. They are happier and show a greater interest in activities. After 4 months of therapy, they have made excellent gains including improvements in gross and fine motor skills. They are more confident to walk up and down the stairs unaided and climbing skills have also improved. My boys are calmer, more attentive and there is a definite improvement in language comprehension. They have gone from mouthing and throwing toys to pretend driving cars, pushing a play shopping trolley and helping me tidy up the toys. We still have a long way to go, but I can't wait. For the first time, we are optimistic about their future and CEASE therapy has given us this hope." Proud Mum to 2 year old identical twin boys (global developmental delay)

"Our son was diagnosed on the severe end of the autistic spectrum at the age of two and a half. On first approaching Paula his teacher stated that he had one distinguishable word: NO. He would tear down curtains, knock over chairs and throw toys and books out of the room. He would bite and scratch and pinch. Paula has been treating our now six year old son with the CEASE therapy protocol for the last 10 months. He has had detoxes from his childhood vaccinations and some of the antibiotics taken since he was born as well as a range of classical homeopathy treatments.

He is now a changed boy. Friends are no longer saying 'how tall he's gotten' but instead how well he is doing. The most obvious improvements are his calmness and reduction in aggression towards others as well as his language. He was awarded a "Star of the Year" certificate in School at the end of July for the use of his voice around the school. We still have difficult moments but not the constant battle we used to have. We are delighted with his progress and hope this will continue."

GA, England

"We started CEASE Therapy with Paula in December 2012. Our son was 3yrs 3mths old and was in the process of being assessed by a paediatrician, as he was exhibiting signs of autism. It is hard to pinpoint exactly when our son began to fall into autism but he didn't really progress beyond a year old and had a massive regression at two years seven months following three lots of antibiotics. At the point of our initial assessment with Paula, our son had a moderate speech delay, severe attention and listening difficulties, sensory issues, repetitive play, socially poor, suffered with constipation, reduced eye contact, running off, intermittent aggressive behaviour, oppositional, mood swings and frequent ear infections. As his parents we were exhausted and desperate. Exhausted from walking on egg shells to prevent an aggressive outburst occurring and desperate for him not to have autism. Following a thorough initial assessment with Paula we started with a poly antibiotic clear and over the course of a year we have completed three clears (poly antibiotics, poly vaccines and MMR). These clears have brought with them individually subtle gains but cumulatively a completely different child. We now have a child who is healthier, socially thriving (he has two best friends at nursery), his expressive language is growing by the day, he is no longer aggressive, able to learn in a mainstream environment without a 1:1 and most importantly he is happy and has a great little sense of humour. Our son still has a few issues that hopefully will go as we progress through the next clears but we are so pleased with his progress. He is an absolute star. Paula has been lovely throughout, so professional, always contactable when we had any concerns, down to earth and understanding."

TM, Middlesex, UK

I have more information available than I can possibly include on a website. Sometime soon I will take a week off working with patients and dedicate the time to just filling up these pages. However for now I hope that this website has given you some insight and please contact me directly to hear how CEASE Therapy can help you and your loved ones.

CEASE Therapy and Autistic Spectrum Conditions #02

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